European service

Lamrché (pronounced 'la-mar-shay') is a European company, founded in London, UK. We're registered in the United Kingdom, and operate globally.

Our mission is to transform global shopping, and create a beautiful shopping experience.


Trust assured

Your payments are secure and safe. We partner with global payment providers, such as PaylPal, Shop Pay, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard and more.


Everyday products

Lamrché is a play on the French word, 'le marché', which means 'the market'. We're a modern, global marketplace that connects enchanting everyday products, with a global audience.


Beautiful shopping

Our mission is to empower global shopping - making it simple, enchanting and beautiful.

We believe in:

  • sourcing everyday products, that are enchanting and of quality - from different parts of the world, and making them easily accessible.
  • creating a 'virtual silk road,' that empowers small communities and local businessess, by connecting their unique crafts, with a global reach.
  • simplicity and a beautiful shopping experience, that delights our users.
  • amazing customer service and a personable experience. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • doing good in the world, and spreading love in every micro-encounter.

Top-notch service

Everyone deserves to have the best. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We operate on a customer-centric model.